A Message from Sylvia Arcouette for #NH State Representative #FarmingtonNH 2018 #NHPolitics

Please vote for Sylvia on November 6th!

Sylvia Arcouette:
Hello, my name is Sylvia Arcouette.  I am running for State Representative because I want to help make this wonderful State of New Hampshire more prosperous, and would like to create more opportunities for the families that live in Farmington.  Our community  is growing and I would like to help put it at the top of the list for quality education, successful business environment, and healthy recreational activities that support conservation and sustainability.

Who is Sylvia?
• 51 year resident of Farmington
• Wife, mother, grandmother, great
• Retired parent/child mediation coordinator,
Strafford County Human Services
• Vice Chair, Farmington Budget Committee
• Vice President, Farmington Historical
• Active member and past president,
Farmington Woman's Club
• Recovery Coach, Farmington Responds
What does Sylvia do?
My hobbies consist of quilting and embroidery and riding motorcycle with my husband Ronald. We have traveled cross country two times and will continue to do so for as long as our bodies will allow us.

What does Sylvia want? 
• Supportive business environment.
• Quality education for our children.
• Increase family recreational opportunities.
• Support conservation and sustainability.
• End the opioid crisis in Farmington and
New Hampshire.
• Stay connected with the citizens of Farmington.

Contact Sylvia                                      
603-755-2373   ratzo.a@gmail.com
49 Hancock Street, Farmington, NH 03835

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