Granny D. The Power Of One- One-Woman Play By Dixie Tymitz

Granny D: The Power of One

Throughout October, communities across New Hampshire will be treated to performances of “Granny D: The Power of One” a play which portrays the efforts of one woman to draw attention to the need for campaign finance reform and her contention that money in politics had betrayed our representative democracy.

The play chronicles the 1998 cross country walk, at age 89, by Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock, a lifelong New Hampshire activist, from Santa Monica, CA to Washington, D.C. The trek included crossing more than 1,000 miles of desert, climbing the Appalachian Range in blizzard conditions, and even skiing 100 miles after an historic snowfall made roadside walking impossible.

Actress and playwright Dixie Tymitz brings Haddock and her legendary feat to life. Tymitz, who received Haddock’s blessing for the project, quickly worked to study her subject’s mannerisms. Reflecting on what inspired her she joked, “Doris ruined my life as it was, because I never could say again that I was too old to make a difference. She was as willing to give her life as any soldier. I feel compelled to tell her story.”

Being show at the following venues:

 NH Rebellion-Granny D: The Power of One