Adopt-A-Spot Clean-Up-New Merry Meeting Daylilies

We are ready for spring and have started to pull together the Adopt-A-Spot. Many of the early bloomers are already out showing off and the tulip bulbs we put in last year have started to bloom. We are also very excited to have some new Daylily additions this year. Merry Meeting Daylilies donated six new plants for us! We are so excited to see what they look like when they bloom. Les Turner has 350 varieties at his garden business in New Durham. Quite a sight to see. You can visit him online at the link. Our mulch should be in next week. We'll post some broader shots when things are looking more pulled together. A giant thank you to everyone who have stopped and said wonderful things about the spot while we are tending it. We are happy that the spot makes you happy and are eager to make Farmington look a little better from Route 11!