SCDC Gubernatorial Forum Wednesday, June 22, 9 PM, The McConnell Center

The Dover Democratic Committee and The Strafford County Democratic Committee are planning a Gubernatorial Forum for the three Democratic candidates for Governor on June 22, at the McConnell Center (61 Locust St.) in Dover,

We are hoping to have many voters from around the county and beyond attending the forum and it will be a great opportunity to identify, and hopefully engage, new members for our town committees.

We also are looking for questions from people around the County for the candidates to answer. You can submit questions directly

Please have questions submitted no later than June 10th. Submissions should include: The question, name of questioner, email address, phone number (in case clarification of question is needed), community of the questioner (i.e. city or town). .

We cannot guarantee the question will be asked as written because we expect there will be some duplication on certain themes. We plan, however, to give credit to the question writer if possible.

The NH gubernatorial race has been identified as one of the most competitive in the country, but many voters know little about the Democratic candidates and what the differences among them might be. Please join with us to make this a successful educational event. We look forward to working with you.

Wednesday, June 22 at 9 PM - 12 AM
The McConnell Center
32 Saint Thomas St, Dover, New Hampshire 03820