The Frozen Smile: Photographs From The New Hampshire Primary

The Frozen Smile: Photographs from the New Hampshire Primary

Featuring Works by Jon Hill, Isaac Epstein, and John Tully

“The Frozen Smile” features the photographs of Jon Hill, Isaac Epstein, and John Tully. In these works you will see familiar faces not only of candidates but their prominent supporters and surrogates, reporters, staffers, and the all-important voters. The unifying theme is the Primary as we see it here in New Hampshire: up close, unvarnished, personal. The candidates are far from the makeup cake of the Fox News green room or the blinding klieg lights of the debate stage. We see them up close. We see them joyful. We see them exhausted. We see famous coifs battling the blustery gusts and snows of December. We see the wrinkles, the thinning hair, the way light reflects off their eyes. We see them elated and buoyed by the contagious energy of crowds; we see them dejected at loss. We see—like few others in American civic life—a little bit of the humanity behind the frozen smile. This show brings to life our collective Granite Stater experience as the talent scouts for the nation. \