2016 Farmington Town Meeting And Local Election Results

So many people were at town meeting they had to open the mezzanine for overflow seating. It was a very long night, much discussion back and forth, but ultimately a very rewarding night. All warrant articles passed- except those tabled because they should have had a public hearing before being put out as a warrant article. The budget passed with an amendment to add $10,000 to the bottom line, to be put toward the Goodwin Library. COAST wasn't as lucky in getting the funds returned that the Budget Committee chose to deduct from the COAST budget this year. Funds for the construction of the Safety Building were approved, so Farmington will have a new building for our Police and Fire Departments, a fitting investment considering that each employee in those departments risks their lives for the public every time the take a call. The petition for the equipment for the decorations for the poles now installed downtown passed 29-27, in favor; don't ever think you vote doesn't matter. The TIF district can now officially start and be administered, as warrant articles 13 and 14 were approved. The TIF district has been in a state of suspended animation since the vote for it last year, as articles 13 and 14 from this year should have been on the docket for last year, and approved at the same time as the vote for the creation of the TIF district. The meeting closed at quarter of twelve.