Senator Sam Cataldo Agrees To Hear Constituents About State Budget, Doesn't Show For Meeting

Senator Sam Cataldo Agrees To Hear Constituents About State Budget Concerns, Doesn't Show Up For Meeting

Senator Sam Cataldo agreed to attend a meeting to hear constituent voices and their concerns regarding the State Budget, including funding for agencies, Judicial Branch, CCSNH, and the Executive Branch contract. The meeting with the Senator was scheduled for the Rochester Public Library, over two weeks ago, and was widely publicized for 5 - 6pm on August 18th. Participants were asked to call in ahead of time to  reserve space. Tuesday, August 18th arrived and people from Cataldo's district assembled for the meeting, at five.  Five minutes went by, no Cataldo, fifteen minutes go by, no Cataldo.

At this point Sam Cataldo is called and is eventually reached. He is reminded of the scheduled meeting. He gives an excuse that he has a conflict. He is at a local, monthly Republican committee meeting, at the Pink Cadillac, in Rochester, and he will not be coming. That monthly meeting doesn't even start until six.

So let me just recap. Cataldo agrees to hear constituents in his district. He doesn't cancel. He doesn't reschedule, though he had an opportunity to do both. The meeting convenes as scheduled, because he can't be bothered to keep track of what he is doing and doesn't think to cancel or reschedule. He then chooses a recurring political meeting over hearing from constituents. He was in Rochester. He easily could have met with his constituents at the library at 5:00, and then excused himself a bit early to attend the meeting at the Pink Cadillac, if he actually cared about hearing from his constituents.  He could have given those constituents who had scheduled to meet with him a half hour to 45 minutes of his time.

This is why we need to vote Sam Cataldo out of office. He cares more about politics than people and can't possibly be bothered to hear what his constituents have to say on an important issue. Shame on you Sam Cataldo for not having the decency to  meet with the public or giving them the common courtesy to cancel the meeting ahead of time or reschedule for a different date.

Kyle Leach