Strafford Democrats Celebrate Flag Day-Recap And Photos

We always enjoy ourselves when we are able to attend one of the Strafford Dems events. This one was no less fun, though it was the first time they have had a picnic for a event and they did hold it a bit later in the year than they normally do. The Kitz Farm is gorgeous and the local dems had decorated the barn and outside spaces with festive decor and their spirits were just as colorful.

They had live music, which was wonderful, and had more food choices than I expected. Burgers and grilled chicken, all kinds of salads to choose from and for dessert delicious brownies and ice cream. They had three items for the raffle this time. The coveted item was a beautiful hanging basket with and assortment of red, white, and blue flowers.

As they are trying to attract families, they had planned all kinds of games for fun. The egg toss the favorite of participants and spectators alike. Larry Brown and Bob Perry had expert egg tossing skills and won that contest. It was amazing to see how far they could toss something you think is very, very fragile.

As I've said before if you miss the Strafford Dems event, you're the one that looses out. They are one of the most warm and inviting groups I know. Enjoy the photos below!

Those interested in joining the Strafford Town Democrats can call Bob Perry at 269-4651. The group meets regularly on the first Tuesday each month at the Hill Library at 7 p.m. Their July 7 meeting is open to the public and will feature State Employees’ Association Field Director Joe Cicirelli discussing labor issues.