Help Needed At The Farmington Community Gardens

Help Needed at the Farmington Community Gardens

It was exciting to be a part of the effort to get the Farmington Community Gardens started in 2011 and I feel it has been a great way to get back to the town’s roots and show people how rewarding growing some of your own food can be. I was happy to see our move to incorporate as a non-profit go smoothly and I have always felt we have terrific support from businesses in town who help sponsor us by donating items to the Gardens. We’ve had much community support and assistance over the years, but with that being said, committed volunteers have lessened and we really do need them to keep the Gardens established. We need that assistance to keep up with general maintenance and to start more intensive projects with the schools and other groups.

We need people to clear leaves and debris from the border beds up front and most of the food growing beds. We need people to move and spread compost for the year into the growing spaces. The perennial plantings from previous years need regular care and watering throughout the season. We need people to help with planting and care of the wild daises, Shasta Daisies, and Black-eyed Susans that we transplant from the meadow to add visual flair to the garden and to sell at Hay Day to raise money for the Gardens. Most of the bulbs and shrubs, mints, chives, red and yellow onions, and Egyptian onion also need tending and watering through the season.

The areas around the growing spaces and the walking paths need to be mowed often and trimmed. The decorative and flowering trees need to be tended and watered and the Bittersweet and Locust trees, both terribly invasive plants, need to be cut and pulled up. As nature has settled back into the cleared space, weeds are always a problem, so getting rid of as many of those as we can is also a high priority.

In order to maintain our status as a non-profit, we need a robust Stewardship Committee, which functions as our Board of Directors, to guide and govern the organization.  The committee needs several members, but most importantly, two key officer positions are vacant, one being a Secretary, for effective communications. It would be highly beneficial to have at least a few others on the committee who want to help brainstorm and implement ideas. The Stewardship Committee meets regularly during the growing season and directs the business of the group and decides and coordinates what projects will be done. You don’t have to be a gardener or have a space to be a Steward.

Currently we are operating with a skeleton crew and we need to know if there is still community interest and if that interest can manifest as the assistance we need to maintain the Gardens and help the organization grow and prosper. If you would like to commit to the Gardens contact me at If you need more information about the Farmington Community Gardens please visit I look forward to hearing from you.

Kyle Leach
FCG Chair