You Have A Right To Vote

From GSP and NHCA:

Voting is the most important right because it is the right by which we protect all other rights. Every citizen, 18 years old or older, has the Constitutional right to vote. In particular, state and federal laws protect the right of college students to vote in the communities where they attend college as long as they meet the other qualifications for voting. If they prefer, students may vote where they lived before moving to college, either in person or by absentee ballot. Each person may vote only once in any election.

Important: You Can Vote Even If You Do Not Bring a Photo ID

A new law in New Hampshire requires that you provide a photo ID to vote OR that you sign a simple affidavit stating your identity, age, citizenship and where you live now. While it may be quicker to vote if you bring a valid photo ID, you still have a right to vote without one by signing an affidavit. The Attorney General’s office has issued a letter to all local election officials making this clear. If you are told you must have a photo ID or are sent to retrieve one, that is a violation of the law and we ask you to call our hotline immediately at 1-888-939-5932. Instead, if you don’t have these documents, an election official should offer you an opportunity to sign a sworn affidavit stating your identity, age, citizenship and where you live now.

Voter Intimidation Is Against the Law – Report It!

Voter intimidation and suppression is a serious crime. If you are the victim of voter intimidation or suppression, or witness it happen to someone else at a polling location, please notify the local election officials immediately and then call our hotline at 1-888-939-5932. We will dispatch voting rights advocates to the polling location to ensure that your right to vote and those of your fellow community members are protected. More information is available on this here.