Tri Town Dems Meeting-Thursday August 14th

Hi Folks,

Just a reminder that our Democratic Committees are meeting this Thursday.

Tri Town Democrats Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 14, 7:00 PM

Emma Ramsey Center
Route 125, Milton, NH

We have lots to discuss and plans to make for the upcoming election cycle. Electing good folks to represent us is critical to making progress in our communities and our state.

Tri-town Democrats
August 14, 2014

Call to Order 7 PM New Durham Chairman Richard Leonard

Minutes of Previous meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Social Media Another Committee Reports

Old Business
  • Farmington Hay Day
  • Strafford County picnic-who is going/available tickets?

New Business
  • Election Activity
-Letters to the Editor
-Phone Banks/Canvassing
-Yard Signs
  • Communications between towns
  • Recruiting New Members?
  • Social activity/fundraiser for the spring or summer?
Next Meeting September 11, 2014 in Milton