Photos And Info From Strafford County Democrat Summit, Dover Public Library, May 2014

If anyone we know wanted to attend, but could not, let us know if you would like copies of the documents/literature from the summit. They included a "Get Out and Vote Worksheet," a "Recruitment Worksheet," a "Communications and Messaging Worksheet," and a Candidate Budgeting Worksheet. I'm sure the NHDP could also provide copies and perhaps even some of the information contained in the presentations. I've provided the agenda below to get an idea of what was covered. The NHDP representatives also talked about some of the enhancements coming to the NHDP website, resources, and social media accounts. I know many people have been frustrated with their online presence over the years, and so have written them off, but it may be worth monitoring activity over the next few months to see if it becomes a better resource for your individual or local  committee needs.