Farmington NH Democrats Meeting Tonight-Thursday December 12th, 7PM

Farmington NH Democrats Meeting Tonight
Thursday December 12th, 7PM
 Recreation Center/Old Town Hall

Directions to the Recreation Center/Old Town Hall:

Go straight thru downtown on Main Street. (Takes 10 seconds) Last store on right is Cumberland Farms. Next building on right is Krasner Law Office. Then the Old Farmington Courthouse, then the Recreation Center/Old Town Hall. You will be at 531 Main Street. There is street parking and also a parking lot to the right of the Recreation Center/Old Town Hall(you must drive to the back to get to this parking). Come up the front stairs of the Old Town Hall building(they face Main Street), through the front doors, and continue forward. First door on right.

FYI-Google maps, Mapquest, and GPS often send people to the wrong location, as they all use old Farmington Main Street addresses before Farmington had enhanced 911.