Vote!- Jackie Cilley Election Alert

Less than 24 Hours and Counting…..

 Election Alert for November 5, 2012

New Hampshire needs you – please be sure to vote on Tuesday, November 6.

The Easiest Way to Influence More Votes

There is still time for you to have a profound influence on tomorrow’s election!
Here is a really easy, but very important action you can take immediately after you vote tomorrow.  Post to your Facebook page to share and Tweet the following:  I just voted!  What time will you go to the polls today? Please let me know when you vote today.
Studies show that when you notify your friends via Facebook and Twitter you have voted it encourages them to vote as well increasing voter participation among your social network.  You will actually be able to track your friends, family and co-workers voting behavior.  Now, how cool is that?!

Must Hear Story:  What Happened to New Hampshire

You won’t be sorry you invested a few minutes of your time listening to a recent segment of This American Life..  In a compelling piece, “478:  Red State/Blue State,” the narrator constructs the tale of a tectonic shift within our Statehouse and legislature.  Sarah Koenig, a former reporter for the Concord Monitor, now NPR producer, reports on the unprecedented political divide that has gripped and transformed our current state legislature.  (Segment two on New Hampshire begins at about the 26:05 mark at  Of particular interest, in case you miss the mention of it in the clip, is the fact that the majority of interviewees were Republicans and when you hear what some of them have to say it may well make you weep with despair at what is happening to our state.  Of course, there are the humorous moments as well, such as the story of Rep. Kyle Tasker, r, Nottingham dropping his gun on the Statehouse floor in the middle of a hearing.

Share this tonight with everyone you know and ask them if they want two more years of this kind of behavior and direction.  Let them know how important their vote will be tomorrow and that each of you has the power to change the direction of our state.

Your Election Eve Checklist

1. Downloaded my sample ballot from either or
2. Reviewed and completed my sample ballot and am ready for voting.
3. Reviewed and know my voting rights and am prepared to defend them.
4. Have made copies of the Voting Rights checklist at the end of this Election Alert to hand out to friends or other voters who may have questions on Election Day.
5. Contacted three of my friends, neighbors or co-workers (there’s still time to do that this evening or first thing in the morning!).
6. Offered to hold a sign or help out at the polls for some portion of Election Day.  There’s still time to do that as well or just show up.  Poll workers are always thankful for a break.
Sleep well tonight.  By the close of polls tomorrow we will have made a profound and meaningful impact upon the direction of our state. 
Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to safeguard our New Hampshire traditions.
Clip and Pass Along

Know Your Voting Rights

Your most precious right is your right to vote.  Nobody has the right to take this away from you.

You can register to vote on Election Day.

You will be asked for identification on Election Day, but may vote without it by signing a “challenged voter affidavit.”  You cannot be denied your right to vote if you do not have a photo ID with you on Election Day.

Valid forms of identification include a driver’s license (including one from another state as well as an expired license) or non-driver’s photo ID, student or military ID, government ID, US passport (even if expired) and any other acceptable by the supervisor of the checklist, the moderator or the clerk.

There is no minimum requirement of how long you must live here before being allowed to vote.
You must be domiciled in the state in order to vote and you must vote where you are domiciled.  “Domicile” is defined as “that place, more than any other, where you sleep most nights of the year, or to which you intend to return after a temporary absence.”

If you believe someone has attempted to prevent you from exercising your right to vote, report such an incident to the Attorney General at 1-866-868-3703.