NH Constitutional Amendments-No, No, And No

 Bottom line concerning the convolutedly written NH Constitutional amendments on the Nov. ballot: vote NO, NO, and NO.

Information Sheet on Ballot Questions 1, 2 and 3
Ballot Question 1 is a constitutional amendment (CACR 13) proposed by the legislature:
In a letter dated April 18, 2012 to the New Hampshire Senate, various community leaders expressed concern that this amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution addresses a problem that does not exist and will result in court involvement in tax policy.
It will freeze the present tax system in place, increase reliance on business and property taxes, and make it extremely difficult for future leaders to fund pressing priorities. CACR 13 will result in increased “downshifting” of the tax burden from the State of New Hampshire to the local governments to fund crucial needs of our citizens.

If you share these concerns, you should vote “No” on Question 1 (CACR 13).


Ballot Question 2 is a constitutional amendment (CACR 26) proposed by the  legislature:
This amendment would allow the legislature to control the judiciary. And strikes at the heart of the separation of the powers of the legislature, executive and judiciary under the New Hampshire Constitution.

If you share these concerns, you should vote “No” on Question 2 (CACR 26). 
Ballot Question 3 is proposed pursuant to Part II Article 100 of the New Hampshire Constitution. A “yes” vote on this question will result in an election of delegates who will hold a constitutional convention. At the convention, these delegates will vote to make any changes to the New Hampshire Constitution they wish. These changes will then be presented to the NH electorate for approval. 

If you believe a constitutional convention would be too costly or is unnecessary at this time, you should vote “No” on Question 3.

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