GOP Lies- A Cheat Sheet

As Mitt Romney and the Republican Party try to renew and reinvent his image, you can expect them to roll out the same old dishonest attacks. Here are just five of the falsehoods to look out for when Romney and his allies take the stage this week:
  1. Small business: President Obama has consistently fought to help small businesses grow by cutting taxes and making it easier for them to invest and create jobs. As fact checkers and news organizations have noted, Romney took the President’s words out of context in an attempt to imply that the President was somehow insulting small business owners—rather than discussing the investments that help them grow. Take a look at what the President actually said and learn more about the stark contrast between President Obama’s support for small businesses and Mitt Romney’s plan that would make it harder for small businesses to hire and grow.
  2. Medicare: Under Obamacare, seniors will see their Medicare benefits package improve while the program sees eight additional years of solvency. But Romney, who wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system, is claiming that the President cut billions from benefits. The categorically false attack cannot hide the fact that Romney and Ryan would force new retirees to pay more out of pocket for services. Click here to learn more about this attack.
  3. Welfare: President Obama is a strong supporter of welfare-to-work programs and recently gave states flexibility to help move more people from assistance to employment as quickly as possible—a policy that many Republican governors, including Romney himself, have requested. But Romney has decided to falsely claim that the President has somehow weakened welfare-to-work requirements—an allegation a multitude of independent fact checkers declared “discredited,” “mind-boggling,” and “blatantly false.” Click here to learn more about this attack.
  4. Health care: President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act to make sure insurance companies play by the rules. In his quest to overturn Obamacare on day one if elected, Romney has launched a myriad of false statements and distortions about the health care law. Here are the facts: Obamacare improves the private health care system, strengthens the insurance plan you currently have, reduces the deficit, and offers the largest middle-class tax cut for health care in history. Click here to see what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to health care.
  5. Birtherism: Even after President Obama released his long-form birth certificate to reaffirm his birthplace, conspiracy theorists and members of the Republican Party continue to to push this false and dangerous attack. Not only have a number of them been invited to speak at the RNC convention, Romney actually enlisted himself in this birther movement last week: “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised,” he said. Click here to get the facts and pitch in what you can to make sure this kind of politics doesn’t make it to the White House.

    Republished from Obama Truth Team