Please Call Before Wednesday And Urge Your Senator To Vote Against HB 1206

Do you want to help keep insurance costs down for workers? Then you need to take action now.

This Wednesday, the Senate will vote on a bill that forces public employers to raise health care costs for their workers after a contract expires. Many of the senators are undecided and it’s up to you to tell them that HB 1206 is not good for New Hampshire.

HB 1206 mandates that once a contract expires, public workers are automatically required to pay 50% of all of their health insurance costs regardless of what they negotiated with their employer. This will increase costs for a majority of workers.

It also gives employers and insurance firms less incentive to bargain in good faith. And knowing that they can automatically pass on rate increases to employees and their families means insurance companies will care less about keeping health care costs down. That’s bad for all of us.

Please call before Wednesday and urge your senator to vote against HB 1206. Click here to look up your senator's name and contact information.

It’s clear that workers’ voices are what will make the difference before Wednesday. A Senate committee already voted to reject HB 1206 because it would cause so many problems--and Sen. Sharon Carson, who cast the deciding vote, said she opposed HB 1206 because she got so many calls from us.

Your voice is needed to protect affordable health care. We’re also encouraging members to come for the Senate session on Wednesday. If you’re able to, please join us in the Senate gallery at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

Thank you for all that you do.

In solidarity,
The New Hampshire AFL-CIO