We Are Women March-April 28th

Read more about the day at www.nhwomenunited.org or through our Facebook group We Are Women March- New Hampshire. Become part of it by attending the next planning meeting Thursday April 12th @ 6:00pm at Panera in Concord. Give Jan a call(603.880.6060) and let her know you're in, print our little poster and put it up in the coffee shop, forward this to others and let's stand up and be heard.

Hello Everyone,

As County and City Chairs you are well aware of the fights going on in Concord. I don't have
to tell you how the right is using every possible wedge they can find to get in power and stay in
power. Now we think they've taken one step too many, and now women are going to fight back.

Six weeks ago planning began to hold a March on Washington on April 28th, but many women,
and the men who love them, around the country just couldn't be there - so... each state has decided
to hold their own Rally or March as well, and NH isn't going to be left behind.

I'm writing to ask you to spread the word, to use your email lists and your meetings, your
websites and social media, to tell everyone you know. Our plan is to fill the State House Lawn
from 11:00 to 3:00 and record it along with crowd reactions and statements from participants.

We'd like to make this so big that our Legislature will know that we're saying with one loud voice...
"Enough is Enough" - and we're going to come out now - and in November - to stop their attacks
on us.

I thank you, your Mom thanks you, all the women in your lives thank you, if you'll just...
help us tell legislators to Stop this War on Women!

Jan Schmidt
Nashua NH