HB 1282 Weakens The Workforce Housing Law

Call Members of the House Municipal and County Government Committee
 Public Hearing Set January 31
ABOUT THE WORKFORCE HOUSING LAW: The New Hampshire Workforce Housing law (RSA 674:58-61; Chapter 299, Laws of 2008 (SB 342) requires all municipalities to provide “reasonable and realistic opportunities” for the development of homes that are affordable to low and moderate income families, including multi-family rental housing.  The law is intended to address a statewide shortage of workforce housing, recognized by the Legislature as posing a threat to the state’s economic growth, presenting a barrier to the expansion of the state’s labor force, and undermining state efforts to foster a productive and self-reliant workforce.
HB 1282: For the third consecutive year, a handful of Legislators are attempting to strip this important law of any impact by adding an opt-in/opt-out meeting at the municipal level. This would make the Workforce Housing law optional for cities and towns, turning back much progress that has been made to local zoning and other regulatory approaches to fostering housing NH’s workforce.
WHAT CAN YOU DO? Call House Municipal and County Government Committee Members today. Tell them to:
* Oppose HB 1282
* Support ongoing efforts to provide safe, adequate, affordable housing for all of New Hampshire’s residents
* The Workforce Housing law is good for New Hampshire’s economy, workforce and housing needs
* The Workforce Housing law should not be repealed or weakened
* The Workforce Housing law does not create statewide zoning, retaining local control
* Over 50 communities have already adopted changes to their zoning to meet the law’s requirements
* The Workforce Housing law allows appropriate use of private property without undue local regulatory barriers thereby protecting the landowner’s rights under our New Hampshire Constitution
* The Workforce Housing law helps to create jobs, recognizing that housing development infuses over $50 million a year into NH’s economy

Find your legislators at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/wml.aspx

Calls are better than emails. If you must email, please put "Oppose HB 1282" in the subject line.

REMEMBER, please contact Municipal and County Government Committee members before the January 31 public hearing.

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