Deciding New Hampshire’s Future-SEA-SEIU Bulletin For Bob Perry

The following is an SEA-SEIU bulletin piece supporting Bob Perry and denouncing Honey Puterbaugh and her destructive, anti-NH, "Free State Project" principles.

Deciding New Hampshire’s future

In the August 9th special election for Strafford House District 3, Democrat Bob Perry is running against Republican Honey Puterbaugh.
Honey Puterbaugh is not a traditional Republican. She is a member of the “Free State Project” – a worldwide effort to move 20,000 people into New Hampshire and remake the Granite State into their image of a no-government "utopia".
The movement's founder, Professor Jason Sorens, ran statistical regressions to predict the outcome at various stages of his Project:

It could be that these [first] 2,000 activists will have a much bigger or much smaller effect... right-to-work, … abolishing cigarette taxes, legalizing prostitution, abolishing all campaign finance regulations… By that point, New Hampshire starts to look like a mix of Amsterdam and Alaska on personal freedoms and Hong Kong on economic freedom.

What about if 10,000 activists move to NH? At that point, we’re talking about cutting government to the bone, including tax and spending reductions of 50% or more and abolishing all of the remaining petty, paternalistic restrictions on freedom, from gambling laws to sobriety checkpoints, legalizing assisted suicide, and completely deregulating education…
Read more of his predictions here.

Sorens' followers talk a lot about “liberty”, “freedom” and reducing – or eliminating – government. They are united by their desire to not pay taxes, even for services like police and fire protection. But their definitions of “freedom” run the full spectrum of ideology: from legalizing drug use and public nudity to completely eliminating law enforcement and public education.

According to the French publication “Liberation”, fourteen members of the Free State Project were elected to the Legislature last year, “all under the banner ‘Republican’.” Some of them have moved into Leadership roles, including Daniel Itsa, chairman of the House Committee on Constitutional Review and Statutory Recodification, and Republican Whip Jennifer Coffey.

Read more about this election and the Free State Project on SEA's website here.

The Democratic candidate, Bob Perry, was a Judicial Branch employee for 30 years and believes in the value of New Hampshire’s public services. He will strongly defend the right to collectively bargain, and will work to preserve the middle class. In his previous service as State Representative, he supported stronger rights for employees in the workplace and sponsored legislation to keep jobs here in New Hampshire.

This is an important special election – please get involved!