Earth Day 2011-Every Day Is Earth Day-The Three Rs Aren't Enough Any Longer

May this day bring many opportunities for growth, understanding, and action for us all.

The Earth Pledge 

I pledge to protect the Earth,
And to respect the web of life upon it,
and to honor the dignity,
Of every member of our global family.
One planet, One people, One world, in harmony,
With peace, justice, and freedom for all.

Reduce- Reuse-Recycle-Rethink-Replenish-Restore-Renew

  1. Reduce what we use, what we waste, and how many children we have.
  2. Reuse as much as we can, as often as we can.
  3. Recycle everything we possibly can.
  4. Rethink our lives, our goals, and our future. What is really meaningful?
  5. Replenish that which man has plundered.
  6. Restore as much of the world to a natural state as we possibly can. 
  7. Renew our connection with all life and the planet itself.
The Story Of Stuff

If you have never seen this, you should. Trust Me.

Seven Things You Can Do For The Earth That Actually Matter And That Collectively Make A Huge Individual/Global Impact

  1. Don't Use Plastic.(This is one of the hardest things on the list believe it or not.)
  2. Add Alternative Energy Sources And Alternative Heating and Cooling Sources To Your Home/Business(This one is pretty easy, but it does take some cash. Better start saving.)
  3. Go Vegetarian Or Vegan(Start with just one day a week and then up number of days over time)
  4. Don't Use Planes(We really need these for transporting goods, not people. Use other forms of mass transit.)
  5. Don't Drive A Car(See above)
  6. Nix The Idea Of Having Children(I know this one is hard, but it can make the future much brighter. Less people for the world to support is a win-win situation.)
  7. Buy Local(Start with a few products and then expand)
Take a look at this Huffington Post article to find out why these all have such a huge eco-impact.

A Little Humor

What Kind Of World Do You Want?

One of my favorite videos of all time, Five For Fighting's song, World. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. It hurts, yet empowers me. Could you ask more from a song?